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John Playford's
Secret Ball
Mr Kynaston's Famous Dance
Drop the Reed
One Too Many

Since the two Pauls paired up in 1995, their performances - concerts, ceilidhs and social dances - have featured on radio and TV, at clubs, village halls and festivals throughout the UK, Germany and the States. Recordings include an album for Beautiful Jo Records, two with Ian Bruce as the Breezeband and four on the Wild Goose label.

Their latest release, Mr Kynaston's Famous Dance, is a collection of hitherto unpublished eighteenth-century English dance melodies,
whilst the previous album, John Playford's Secret Ball, is a celebration of the 350th anniversary of the first edition of The Dancing Masterand. These albums are follow-ups to the highly acclaimed albums, One Too Many and Drop the Reed.

The name is too long

Paul replies:
We don't think so. People have tried to miss out the odd letter or comma, but it just dosn't look right unless it has them all.

Why sheep?

Paul replies:
Sheep are full of goodness knows what...

Which Paul is which?

Paul Hutchinson replies:
I'm Paul Hutchinson

Paul Sartin replies:
I'm Paul Sartin

Who Plays what?

Paul replies:
I play the fiddle and the oboe mostly.

Paul replies:
I play accordion and mostly the accordion.

How did you meet?

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